RNA Exhibition Grounds - Surface Archetypes
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RNA Exhibition Grounds

Recently, Surface Archetypes were contacted by the RNA Association of Qld to offer advice and recommendations on a suitable flooring surface for the Exhibition building Rest rooms.

The existing flooring was a combination of ceramic tiles and epoxy coatings.


Upon inspection, we advised the RNA that the best system to use was a Polyaspartic Vinyl Chip Seamless Coating that offered longevity of covering, ‘fit for purpose’ suitability and a pleasant aesthetic design.


With all of this information taken on board by the RNA, we presented some colour samples to choose from. The RNA chose a colour which had a blend of grey/charcoal/black. This choice of colour was perfect for the rest rooms as it was a colour that would generally look ‘fresh and new’ most of the time. It would also camouflage a certain amount of dirt on the floor during busy events where it would be impossible to have cleaning staff at the ready, around the clock.


So now the design choices were made, it was onto the planning stage of organising the works to be done in and around events that were scheduled in the building. These seamless flooring works had to be completed by mid July in readiness for the 2016 EKKA. The time frame was tight but manageable. 


We completed the works in 3 stages as it was not possible to complete all 3 blocks within the allowable time frames between events in the building. Plumbers were organised to remove all of the toilet pans, so as to allow the full seamless coating to be installed under the pans. This would make for longevity and ease of cleaning.


Given that this project was our first for the RNA, it was very successful, and one which the RNA were very pleased with the results.

We look forward to being able to offer our services to the RNA again in the future.

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