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Polished Concrete

What is Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete is a means in which to highlight the elegance and beauty of the natural stone incorporated in the manufacturing of concrete. Not only does polished concrete deliver a truly unique, stunning result, it a very low maintenance finish that is extremely hardy.

Once the concrete has cured, (approx 7 days), grinding work can begin on cutting the surface back, to expose the decorative colour and charm of the concrete matrix of cement and stone. Whether you have plain blue stone, decorative coloured stone or glass in the concrete mix, systems are used to then create anything from a matt finish to a mirror like surface.

The two systems, either of which is exercised to produce the required finish are; honing and coating or mechanically polishing with specialist tooling.

To hone and coat, is to grind the surface to a semi-smooth finish, and then apply clear coats of a suitable sealer.

To mechanically polish is to cut the surface to 3000 grit with metal and resin bond diamonds and then apply a fine coat of sealer/guard. This process will produce a mirror like finish on the concrete surface. It is an amazing result to create.

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