Vinyl Systems - Surface Archetypes
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Vinyl Systems

What is Vinyl Systems

The use of Vinyl and Linoleum will compliment and protect any floor or wall surface. Whether it is in home, office, warehouse, retail store or anywhere you so desire, these 2 systems will afford you endless options, with a plethora of colours and designs available. Vinyl or Linoleum, when fitted to floor with heat welded joins, will create a complete seamless and resilient surface covering. With Vinyl and Linoleum flooring design, create your own abstract or masterpiece artwork by utilising the many different materials and colours available.

For the ‘Green’ rating, explore the colour and designs of Forbo Linoleum, Marmoleum and Artoleum. For wet areas and eating facilities, cove the vinyl at wall junctions to satisfy health regulations for food prep and bathroom areas. Non-slip vinyl is available for safety in areas where a wet barefoot slip rating must be achieved.

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