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About us

Andrew Doré
Who are we?

Surface Archetypes is an international award winning business. Most recently, the Decorative Concrete Council in the U.S.A. awarded us 1st place for our panDOMO project at 480 Queen St Brisbane Australia. It is the largest single panDOMO W1 project on the globe – see the council page here.

We offer a range of different floor and wall surface finishes in Decorative cement/epoxy overlays, Polished Concrete, Protective and Decorative coatings, Vinyl systems, Concrete surface preparation and Concrete treatments.

Having spent much of childhood working in my parents’ country Queensland floor coverings business on school holidays, to now working with architects through project design stages, we have a vast knowledge of suitable surface coverings for any project. From polished plaster on your bathroom walls, or a polished cement overlay throughout your open plan living area, to a polished concrete floor in your office foyer or a seamless epoxy coating for your logistics warehouse, we offer a variety of decorative and protective finishes suitable for any space, floor/wall/ceiling, in any environment.

Contact us for more information on how we can transform your project, to highlight the character and elegance of the area within.

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