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PanDOMO floor example by Surface Archetypes


Whether it is a elegant yet versatile flooring finish, or a smooth or unique wall design, our use of PANDOMO® allows us to deliver truly outstanding finished. Cost effective, yet highly adaptable to your requirements, we can deliver amazing finishes in your home, garage, retail, commercial or industrial environments.

Polished Concrete example by Surface Archetypes

Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete is a means in which to highlight the elegance and beauty of the natural stone incorporated in the manufacturing of concrete. Not only does polished concrete deliver a truly unique, stunning result, it a very low maintenance finish that is extremely hardy.

Surface Prep example by Surface Archetypes

Service Prep

Before any flooring surface can be coated or covered, it may be necessary to perform some surface preparation. This may be especially necessary if the concrete subfloor does not meet the required standard for flatness or smoothness.

Seamless Coating example by Surface Archetypes

Seamless Coatings

The use of seamless flooring systems is as beneficial to domestic environments and it is industrial / commercial.

Vinyl flooring example by Surface Archetypes

Vinyl Systems

The use of Vinyl and Linoleum will compliment and protect any floor surface. Whether it is in a home, office, warehouse, retail store or anywhere you so desire, these 2 systems will afford you endless options, with a plethora of colours and designs available.

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